Sue is a very skilled and caring massage therapist.  I have been her client for several years and her massages are very helpful with my tight shoulders and stiff neck. She has the strength to work out the knots in my muscles.  I think her monthly massages enable me to continue my athletic interests and be flexible even though I am older.  I have been to other massage therapists over the years, but I definitely recommend Sue.

Carol..................Client since 2004


I have been a regular client of Sue of Pacific Massage Therapy for over 13 years.  I have suffered from lower back pain due to scoliosis, along with chronic neck and shoulder pain. After regular deep-tissue massages from Sue, I no longer suffer from any of these conditions; however, continue to get regular maintenance massages.  Sue is professional, knowledgeable and truly cares about the health and well-being of her clients.  Many times, I called her at the last minute and she'll do her best to get me in.  Most recently, I fractured my wrist and she helped with the healing by massaging to reduce swelling and scar tissue.  Sue goes above and beyond my allotted time to make sure she gives me the best therapeutic massage possible.  I can honestly say that my health has truly benefited from a regular massage from Sue...can't say enough good things about her!

Cindy T.............Client since 2000


Sue is a master massage therapist. Her massages melt me into total relaxation with the perfect combination of pressure and sensitivity. It's pure healing pleasure that I never want to end.  So nice to really enjoy something that is actually good for you!  A special gift to give and wonderful to receive. Sue is the best!

Kelly G.............Client since 2000


Sue gives the best deep-tissue massage you will ever receive!  I have been a very happy client of hers for many years. Whenever I have a specific area that is causing pain, she performs her magic to relieve and release it.  Don't wait!  Pick up the phone, give her a call, and set up an appointment today.   

Linda...............Client since 2003

I met Sue many years ago thru my husband who visited Sue to lessen his pain with massages after many back surgeries.
Sue helps me with a full body deep tissue massages to work out kinks or just to relax me.
Sue uses the cold laser on my knee and neck anytime I am in need to relieve the pain.
I enjoy every visit and feel so much better after each massage.
Sue is not only my Massage Therapist but became a dear friend.:-) thank you.

Sandra S.........Client since  2001


I have been coming to Pacific Massage for YEARS! This is the one and only place that I go to for a high quality, therapeutic massage. 

What I love most is the low key vibe of Pacific Massage.  This isn't some froufrou spa/massage place or G-forbid, some big box massage joint.  Sue is there to work her craft and in the end, make you feel incredibly better than how you did when you first got on her table. So I am always eager to wholeheartedly recommend Sue to friends and colleagues.  When I hear complaints about stiff necks, sore backs, etc… I tell them "you need to go see Sue."  No one that I have referred to Pacific Massage has ever been disappointed!

TIP: Sue is a great listener.  So be prepared to take a few minutes before the session to describe your body, discuss your daily activities, express where you feel tension/soreness/stiffness and any repetitive strains you may have. All this information will really help her to better tailor your session.


Sue has been my Massage Therapist for 12 years. She is AWESOME. She can be as gentle as a kitten or bring tears to my eyes.  Just depends on what is needed. She has made many of my parts stop hurting, when the doctors were useless. For a great massage experience she will always be my  number 1 choice.

Ray C

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